Who provides your channels – Sky, Virgin, BT? Xcel about to launch new sales channels!

Posted onMarch 23rd, 2016

Xcel are soon to launch a number of new business streams and sales channels for existing and new clients. Exciting times are ahead so watch this space not your TV! More coming soon.   Xcel Sales – Specialists in Lead Generation…

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Beware the Ides of March or March on with Xcel!

Posted onMarch 15th, 2016

Today marks The Ides of March in the Roman calendar and is normally associated with events such as the assassination of Julius Caesar. Well let’s not get all negative and instead turn the date into a positive for your sales growth. The Romans are largely responsible for what has evolved into today’s road network. So […]

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Spring is nearly here and daffodils are sprouting – are your sales growing?

Posted onMarch 10th, 2016

As the spring flowers start to come through are you getting enough growth from your early shoots? If not, you need Xcel with a proven track record in achieving sales growth from lead generation strategies. Xcel, year on year like daffodils coming through, deliver results that create a great landscape for future growth. So do […]

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Turning online experiences into measurable results

Posted onMarch 8th, 2016

Online and Social platforms can build strong awareness of your brand, but it is telemarketing with its direct and personal approach that will secure our business deals.  Implemented well, social media activity enforced by engaging senior decision makers in conversations gives your business a competitive edge that leads to success.  Building a well thought out […]

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