Award Hat-trick for Xcel Sales CEO, Nicola Hartland

Posted onOctober 26th, 2016

We are delighted to announce that Nicola Hartland has been nominated as a finalist for a third Business Award completing a hat-trick of nominations for this year. The first nomination category was Women in Business, which is a regional award for entrepreneurial women who have founded and run their own company; shown exceptional abilities in […]

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Quick Tips to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Sales Magnet

Posted onOctober 18th, 2016

LinkedIn is the platform for sales professionals. By now, most people are aware of that. If you don’t have a profile on this social media platform, or worst still, if you have a poorly configured profile, you could be missing out on some serious opportunities. One of the great things about having a well optimised […]

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Foolproof Ways to Generate More Leads for Less

Posted onOctober 10th, 2016

Lead generation is time-consuming, challenging, and often quite expensive. But, it is the lifeblood of business. If you want to have a successful and profitable company, you need a constant supply of fresh leads. Fortunately, there are hundreds of ways to increase lead flow. What’s more, not all of them will drain your company’s resources. […]

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Xcel CEO, Nicola Hartland, Finalist for major award for the Hampshire Inspire16 Business Awards

Posted onOctober 3rd, 2016

From her recent win of Role Model in The Business Magazine Woman in Business Awards 2016, we are delighted to announce that Nicola has been selected as a Hampshire Inspire16 Business Awards finalist – ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’. This is a thrilling time for Nicola and the team at Xcel Sales. Having recently settled into […]

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