What Makes A Sales Leader World Class?

Posted onJuly 26th, 2017

Every sales team regardless of its size requires a leader who not only has experience but expertise in spearheading the unit towards success. There are basic, obvious elements which make a great sales leader but we won’t deplete your attention span with that today; instead, let’s focus on the not so tangible assets and the […]

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The Art of the E-Mail Sale

Posted onJuly 17th, 2017

When the phone line is exhausted and there are no minutes left for meetings, can the written word really tow you across the closing line? The answer is yes. With an E-Mail you have a chance to say something to a potential client with no immediate rebuttal and this is a golden opportunity to persuade […]

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3 Differences Between Average and World Class Sales People

Posted onJuly 11th, 2017

‘World class’ can be taught and trained into a salesperson but only if the right character traits are there in the first place. You can take a complete blank canvas candidate with no prior experience and craft them into a killer closer purely because they had the correct attitude and personality to begin with. On […]

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No, your sales job won’t be automated.

Posted onJuly 3rd, 2017

There’s been a whole spate of reports lately about automation. More than 10 million of us in the UK will be replaced by robots by 2030 and around 40% of US jobs are also at risk of automation. You can even find out the likelihood of losing your own job to one of our cyber […]

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