How to Implement a Sales Culture in your Business

Posted onAugust 23rd, 2017

Culture can be defined as ‘the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society’. The people or society within your business have a culture, and if it is not one which is sales oriented you will be defeated by the shrewder players in the market. It doesn’t matter how good your product […]

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Xcel CEO, Nicola Hartland is announced as finalist for major award

Posted onAugust 17th, 2017

Following an interview and assessment process, Xcel Sales CEO Nicola Hartland has been shortlisted as a finalist for Woman Business Owner of the Year in the prestigious Business Magazine 2017 ‘Women in Business Awards’. The awards have major sponsors such as Barclays, Blake Morgan, KPMG, Ten 2 and Windsor Vehicle Leasing. Now in its fourth year, […]

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Why Profiling Is A Sign of a World Class Sales Person

Posted onAugust 14th, 2017

Being a detective is one of the unwritten requirements of your job in sales. You would not have been told this, you would not have read this in your job description but it certainly exists like a very conspicuous secret. The sophisticated process of account profiling is one which is central to the career of […]

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Why the ‘Up-Sell’ Will Transform Your Business

Posted onAugust 2nd, 2017

Holding back the Ace card in your hand is a masterful way to win twice but it takes timing and technique. Waiting for the right moment to place an up-sell in front of a client is key and the way in which it is presented should be approached tactfully in order to achieve the double […]

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