3 Ways To Sell More In The Digital Age

Posted onOctober 30th, 2017

Contrary to your conception, the tips in this article are somewhat ‘traditional’ because even in this modern age of ours we can look back in order to move forward. In a business environment where millennial types are scrambling for the new app, the latest piece of technical wizardry and a cloud-based conquest to take back […]

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Artificial Intelligence – Friend or Foe for Sales People?

Posted onOctober 19th, 2017

Sales and marketing experts across the world are now taking advantage of artificial intelligence more than ever. Machine learning technology can use data from phone calls and meetings to provide your superstars with stratified information which they can analyse to close the deal faster. Sound complicated? Jargon aside, this is simply using technology to help […]

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What’s the 5 second rule in sales?

Posted onOctober 17th, 2017

This is not about dropping food on the floor but dropping the ball on the phone. In a recent interview, the infamous Wolf of Wall Street who has apparently smoothed over his sharp teeth to become a good, ethical sales coach, stated that sales people have 4-5 seconds to capture attention. “You have about four […]

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2 Ways To Make LinkedIn More Lucrative

Posted onOctober 9th, 2017

LinkedIn isn’t just an excuse to procrastinate under the guise of professionalism; it holds in its belly the kinds of business development treasures you may be missing out on. The fact is most people don’t get past the newsfeed and even more people simply wait for a connection to come their way before interacting with […]

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How To Use Data To Sell Smarter

Posted onOctober 3rd, 2017

You might be sick to your teeth hearing about data and analytics. If you’ve got any more space in your cranium to cater for data talk then we’d like to occupy it for a few moments. The top sales trainers around the world are beginning to scrutinize and systemise the way firms use data to […]

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