A new approach
to Sales

Recently, the world famous Forbes magazine reported about a successful innovation a company had made with regards to its sales strategy. Upon implementing the new tactic, there were immediate benefits noticed and the fruits of labour ripened faster. The idea was simple – let’s adopt a team approach to sales whereby each sales person is dependent on another for his or her success. Each employee in the sales wing of the business became a direct contributor to the other’s earnings. It’s an interesting thesis which by its nature will instantly divide our readership into for and against.

These were the three main consequences:

  1. 2 Heads are Better than 1

By allocating more than one employee per sales territory, the client discovered that they suddenly had two points of contact; double the expertise and double the perspective to assist them in making a doubly informed decision. As a result of more value being delivered, the client felt they were getting more bang for their buck and demonstrated more loyalty.

Simultaneously, the sales consultants benefitted because the collaboration and partnership with their fellow team member granted them more knowledge, information and experience about the client and the sales process in general.

  1. 100% Contact Rate

Never miss an inbound call again. Nowadays, clients can communicate with service providers via e-mail, phone, social media and more. This can lead the single individual sales person’s attention to be spread too thin to be able to respond amid his or her hectic schedule. By having more than one person dealing with a particular client or territory, it became easier for every message or call to be picked up, responded to and in good time too.

The biggest pet peeve of clients who have recently invested in your company is not being able to have their enquiry handled speedily. Sometimes, they can’t get a response at all – we’ve all been on hold to a company before, and we all know the elevator music they play doesn’t do anything to reduce the agony.

  1. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

The CEO and the partners of the business will remember why they launched the company in the first place. The mission, the objective and the ambition to change something and add real value to a particular industry will be resurrected as a result of greater cohesion and enhanced harmony within the office.

By removing the dog-eat-dog element of sales, the overall direction of the company became more focused, driven and directed. The successes of individuals were greater and so was the overall profitability of the company, and after all the bottom line is the bottom line.  Empowering employees with teamwork, cooperation and meritocracy is a potent cocktail which, if brewed correctly, can give the company a much healthier and happier culture.


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