Look at your latest inbound marketing programme – it’s likely all you know about these leads is they are interested in your content. Can they afford to buy your product/service? Do they have the authority – and when might they be ready to buy? Salespeople are born to sell now. They expect sales-ready leads. Give them anything less and you may as well throw those leads in the trash right now.

At the beginning, if your target prospect is like most buyers today, they want to educate themselves via the internet. They discover and consume all kinds of juicy inbound-marketing content in the process–blogs, white papers, webinars and more. It builds their trust and positions your company as a thought leader. But it can’t do all the heavy lifting. At some point, a personal touch is required to guide leads along the path from prospect to new client.

The tricky part is that these leads are not necessarily sales qualified yet, so who’s responsibility is it to further nurture them?


You need to pick up the phone and have a personal, professional conversation.  Ask questions to qualify the lead, start building a relationship, and get to know the person, their needs and concerns.


We can help.

  • Act as your pre-sales qualification team – take your inbound leads and develop them until they meet your sales qualification criteria
  • Build deeper relationships with your customers to help you run a truly customer-centric business
  • Identify x-sell and up-sell opportunities and nurture until sales-ready
  • Customer satisfaction surveys – how likely are they to recommend you to a colleague?

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