At Xcel Sales we have years of real-world experience helping client’s shape their sales teams to drive year-on-year growth. We do this by ensuring they have the very best sales talent.

Interim and Contract Sales Professionals

All of Xcel Sales Interim Managers or Contract Sales Professionals have been thoroughly assessed, referenced and proven their capability to make a significant positive impact for your business.


Employing interim staff can provide you with immediate help. Whether there is a gap in sales leadership, or you need to improve your sales force effectiveness – interim sales management is an effective solution. Alternatively, your business may be going through a rapid growth period so you do not yet have the budget to take on permanent member of staff, or you may need to boost your sales team on a more flexible basis. Contract Sales Professionals can help fill these gaps and hit the ground running.


We can provide you with contract sales professionals who are on our payroll, with the option to take them onboard if you wish. Fully trained.


No recruitment hassle. Zero stress.


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Every organisation wants top performers in their sales team – but how do you achieve this? You need exceptional sales talent combined with a highly effective strategy.


We work as an extension of your business providing exceptional sales talent. We understand how challenging it can be to recruit sales talent, and we know the frustration felt by clients when this goes wrong, or you have multiple recruitment agencies to deal with who may struggle to deliver.


Our aim is to take away the pain of sales recruitment by finding you the right person for your company. We look at your culture, your business needs, the competitive landscape, your products and services and find the perfect fit. After all, why settle for less!


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